Satellite broadband internet

Fast, reliable internet no matter how remote your location? Believe it! YahClick is Vox's satellite-powered broadband service. Our devices connect users by locking onto spot beams instead of full spectrum bandwidth, making it highly efficient and very affordable – so that we are able to offer it at costs comparable to terrestrial services. We simply install a satellite dish to your house. YahClick is quick to install and available in a range of packages that suit any environment and user segment, from basic internet access for home users through to high-speed service plans aimed at corporates. For temporary installations – like festivals and conferences – we also offer a mobile satellite trailer (YahClick Go) on a rental basis.


  • No infrastructure hassles

    By using satellite technology, we bypass the need for fixed lines or mobile signals. Plus, this effectively eliminates cable theft concerns and poor signal challenges.

  • Quick installation and reliability

    Just because you’re in “the middle of nowhere” doesn’t mean you have to wait. We promise swift installation, and provide support 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Extra bandwidth

    Enjoy unlimited uploading and unlimited downloading during FreeZone hours (01h00 – 06h00).

  • Business as usual

    YahClick supports integrated ICT services including VoIP calls, video streaming and conferencing, and IP-enabled CCTV technology.